2010 Icecamp

The first camp took place in Iceland in june 2010.
73 participants from Reykjavik, Kopavogur, Akureyri, Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and Aarhus worked together for two days on strategic challenges ranging from ”How to build flexibility into libraries?” and ”How to adress the citizens as prosumers to ”How to merge the digital into the physical” and ”How do we avoid being loved to death”.

The method of all three camps explores methods for creativity and innovation involving library staff across the 7 Nordic libraries. A few days before the camp Jannik Mulvad and a group of experienced  facilitators from Aarhus trained colleauges from the other Nordic countries in using the creative processes and in learning how to facilitate a workshop using these particular methods.
Teaching, learning and sharing innovative methods were important elements in the project.

A strategy group formulated 11 challenges that created the fundament for the discussions of the camp in Iceland.
Members of the Strategy Group: Holmkell Hreinsson / Akureyri, Knut Skansen / Oslo, Kari Lämsä / Helsinki, Åke Nygren / Stockholm and Knud Schulz / Aarhus.
Six of the challenges were elected by the participants for further work on the camp.

Results from IceCamp 2010:

Groups Answer to challenges Presentations
Flexibiliy Flexibility.pdf Creative presentation  Challenge pitch
The Prosumer The Prosumer.pdf Creative presentation  Challenge pitch
Fabriries Fabriries.pdf Creative presentation  Challenge pitch
Where is the library? Where is the library.pdf Creative presentation  Challenge pitch
Reclaiming the future Reclaming The Future.pdf Creative presentation  Chellenge pitch
Bridging the physicaland the virtual Bridging.pdf Creative presentation  Challenge pitch
Challenges NOT elected Challenge Pitch  
Visualize and Seduce Pitch  
Business model Pitch  
Loved to death Pitch  

Slides guiding the camp (Facilitators slides)

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